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5 major religions of the world



Judaism is the first monotheistic religion. It was founded when Abraham made a covenant with God.From this spawned one of the greatest world religions

Jewish Star of David

1.) What is our place in this world?
Jews believe that our place in this world is to follow God's commands. This is simmalar to most monotheisitc religions
2.) How do we live?
Jews believe that we must follow the 613 rules in the Torah to live a wholesome life. These rules consist of the 10 commandments presented to Moses on Mount Sinai and rules about living a kosher life.
What is a kosher life?
Living Kosher is based on following a set of standards consisting of cleanliness. Some of the most basic rules include not having meat and dairy on the same plate, and not eating pork. All these rules are in the Torah.

3. How do we pray?
Jews pray daily and worship by reading the Torah and going to the synagogue. Most men are required to go to synagogue Friday evenings (their holy day) women can go but they are not required to.
4. What happens to us after die?
Jews believe that when we die God will judge us based on our deeds in this life. He will decide who will go to heaven or hell
5. What about deities?
In Judaism there is one God. Jews believe God is so sacred we shouldn't even say his name, but rather describe him. Many times he will be called Adoni, Yahweh, or G-D