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5 major religions of the world



What do Muslims believe?


Islam is a monotheistic religion that branches off from Judaism in the time of Abraham. Muslims believe that as Abraham began to cut the throat, God replaced Ishmael's body with that of a goat......Ishmael was lying down nearby; Jews believe this as well but with Isaac, Abrahams firstborn son from his wife Sarah.


What is our place in this world?

It is an Islamic belief that we were created to serve Allah. Allah has entrusted us with the great responsibility of being His representatives on this earth. As He entrusted us with our lives, He also entrusted us to care for and maintain our communities, our environment, our earth, and most importantly that trust. Carrying on this responsibility is part of serving and worshipping Allah. Its the sincerity of the Muslim's worship that gives it its effectiveness and usefulness. Islam teaches us to worship Allah as if we were able to see Him, since although we do not see Him, He sees us.



How can we live the right way?

You must submit to the will of Allah but also there are 5 pillars which are set up in the Koran. These are not the only rules to live by but just general guide lines that must be observed and practiced.

What are the 5 pillars of Islam?










How do we pray?

Muslims must pray 5 times a day: before dawn, at midday, in the mid afternoon, after sunset, and at night. They believe it is important to do this to show reverence to Allah and a form of worship. In their prayers Muslims affirm that Allah is the one and true God and that Muhammad is his prophet. If they are praying in a Mosque, they will be called to pray by a muezzin. Traditionally the muezzin will stand on a minaret, a tower on the side of the mosque. Worshipers must perform wudu, ritual washings of the face, hands, and feet before praying. Muslims believe that they must be clean before praying to Allah. When Muslims pray, they face towards Mecca, the holy city, where the ka'bah is located. During prayer, men and women sit separately so they aren't tempted to think about each other in prayer.


What happens to us after we die?

For those that follow and believe in the oneness of God and do good works, God has prepared an everlasting Paradise. Anyone who follows and believes this may enter Paradise. Muslims believe that this world is their only chance to earn this gift. Life involves preparing the soul to become worthy to pass through death, which is a transition, and progress to eternity in Paradise.


Allah will judge each person according to his or her beliefs and acts during this life. Those living according to the truth and Quran to the best of their ability will achieve the reward of Paradise. However, Allah warns us: those who were shown the truth of Islam and rejected it, will be shown no mercy and shall face hellfire. Just as Paradise is a place of delight, Hell is a place of eternal torment.


What is the importance of deities?

In the Islamic faith there is only one God and that is Allah.

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