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5 major religions of the world



Hinduism is the oldest of the worlds religons by scientific standards. It is a combination of India and aryan religions. It has 750,000  followers throughout the world. The sacred text are the vedas and the Upanishads which explains the Vedas. There is a caste system called Jats. There was 5 different Jats, before the 5th (untouchables) became illegal in the 1980's
1 & 2) What is our place in this world?
 Hindus believe that our place in this world is to abide by the varna that you are placed in at birth. This controls everything from how much money you make, to who you can socialize with. The four castes are
  1. Brahmins: priests
  2. Kshatriyas: government
  3. Vaishyas: land owners
  4. Sudras: peasants

Hindu's believe that you must obey the caste system to have good karma for the next life. If you follow the system, you will be born again to a higher varna, and vice versa.

3.) How do we pray?

Hindu worship usually consists of meditation through yoga, daily devotions, and public rituals. Hindu's believe that nothing is real so they prove this by doing seemingly impossible feats.



4.) What happens to us after we die?
Hindu's believe that when you die you are reincarnated based on your karma. Karma bases what your varna you will be in your next life. Once you have reached the mindset that nothing real you reach moksha and will no longer be reincarnated, instead you will become another part of Brahman and create new challenges.


5.)What is the importance of deities?
In Hinduism there is one main god- Brahman. There are also millions of gods, and people choose for themselves who to worship. Three other main gods are Brahma, who creates new realities; Vishnu, who preserves all creation; Shiva, the destroyer who is compasionate.