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5 major religions of the world



Buddhism began in Northern India by a man called Sidartha Gautama. He enjoyed a life of luxury in his fathers palace, but he grew curious about the world outside of the palace walls. He learned that people eventually die. He believed that the only reason people suffered was because of desire. He became enlightened by this and started telling others his way. It was finally written down in a book called the Tripitaka.

1.) What is our place in this world?

Buddhists believe that nothing is real. Once a soul accepts this and understands this, then they reach enlightenment, and the soul will be let free. Buddhist search their whole lives for this enlightenment, also known as nirvana. It is rare to have it occur in one life time, so Buddhists believe in reincarnation which is the idea of being reborn over and over again until your soul is set free. Buddhists believe in karma, which is the belief that what you do in this life, determines your future. This is why most Buddhists are strong to live the best life they can.


2.) How can we live the right way?

Buddhists believe you must be smart and wise. Being smart is when you know what is true; wise is when you know what really matters. You must learn and realize that nothing is real. Only a life of morality, concentration, can lead to the end of desire and suffering which will lead to nirvana. You must achieve this by the 8 fold path and the 4 noble truths


What is The 8 Fold Path?

1.) Right Understanding- strive to clearly understand the four Noble Truths, strive to understand the workings of your own mind.

2.) Right Thought- think kindly of others and avoid dwelling on the past or future

3.) Right Speech- speak kindly and truthfully

4.) Right Action- act kindly toward all living things.

5.) Right Work- have a vocation that doesnt harm others

6.) Right Effort- be determined to cleanse the mind

7.) Right Mindfulness- fully aware of what you are doing, always with concern for others

8.) Right Concentration- Intensely concentrate during meditation to focus on being one with any situation







What are the Four Nobel Truths?




1.) Truth of Suffering- Life is full of suffering, full of sickness and unhappiness. Although there is passing pleasures, they vanish in time.




2.) Truth of the Cause of Suffering- People suffer because they desire things. It is greed and self centeredness that brings it on as well. Desire is never satisfied




3.) Truth to the End of Suffering- It is possible to end suffering if one is aware of their desires and puts and end to them. This awareness will open the door to lasting peace




4.) Truth of the Middle Path- By changing your thinking and behavior. A new awakening can be reached. This is called the middle way and can be followed in the Eight Fold path.


Buddhist Monks

3.) How do you pray?

In Buddhism, there is no praying since there is no deity. Rather, pray is meditation. Usually they will pick a single syllable sound like ohm to keep the focus in the right place.


4.) What happens to us after we die?

Buddhists believe that when a soul dies it is reincarnated, depending on your karma you will be placed into another body. This could be another human, an animal, or even a flower. They believe that over the course these of life you are striving to reach enlightenment, also known as nirvana. Once you are enlightened you become a budda.


5.) What is the importance of deities?

In Buddhism there is no deity. Additionally they do not view Buddha as a god, rather they see him as a person who achieved the ultimate spiritual life and gained an understanding of the world.